Uniquely Intriguing And Unusual Insects With Marking

Conehed Mantis (Empusa pennata)

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Another unique-looking species of praying mantis is the Conehead Mantis. In Spanish, this creature is known as Mantis Palo. It can be found in Europe, specifically in France, Portugal and Spain.

Faded Eighty-eight (Diaethria astalaNavy Eighty-eight 2.jpg)

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The captivating but intriguing Faded Eighty-eight Butterfly is another butterfly species with number markings on its wings. It is also commonly known as Navy Eighty-eight. This particular photo was taken at La Soledad, Oaxaca in Mexico.

Bee Robber (Acherontia lachesis)

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This large moth with a wingspan of up to 13 cm can be found in the Philippines, Japan, and India and in many parts of the Oriental region. This nocturnal Death’s-head Hawk-Moth species is very fond of honey. It has the ability to mimic the scent of honey bees that it can go inside a hive unharmed to get honey. It has a stout and powerful tongue capable of piercing the wax cells and sucking the honey out.

Anna’s Eighty-eight(Diaethria anna)

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Another butterfly species with markings of the number “88” is the Anna’s Eighty-eight. Diaethria annas species is different from Diaethria clymena or 88 Butterfly.

Cryptic Mantis(Sibylla pretiosa)

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Cryptic Mantis is a unique mantis species that can be found in southern Africa. It was so named because of its ability to grow asymmetrically to match the vegetation of its environment. It has a unique leaf-like projection on the joint of its four walking legs. In captivity, it has a lifespan of 9 months.

88 Butterfly (Diaethria clymena)

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If there is an 89’98 Butterfly there is also an 88 Butterfly which is scientifically named Diaethria clymena. This small but intriguing butterfly species makes people wonder how it obtained such number figures that seems to be artificially printed on its wings.

Dead Leaf Mantis

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Dead Leaf Mantises are species of praying mantis that mimic dead leaves. They are very popular as exotic pets. Some of the most popular species are the Philippine Dead Leaf Mantis, Giant Dead Leaf Mantis and Malaysian Dead leaf Mantis.

89’98 Butterfly (Diaethria phlogea)

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The insect is a unique and intriguing butterfly. The Diaethria phlogea is a species of butterfly that is not so colorful but is intriguing for having the numbers 89 and 98 on its wings. This unique butterfly can be found in Colombia.

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Written by BrenNolasco

Question by SB2108: Friendly exotic pets that are fairly easy to manage/low maintenance?
I am moving into a new home with three other friends, and we were looking to purchase an exotic pet. We are RESPONSIBLE college students, and are looking for a social animal that wont require too much maintenance and attention throughout the day. We have done research and aren’t interested in any small animal such as a guinea pig that will stay in its cage mostly. We are looking for suggestions from anyone with personal experience or insight, and the reason we are using yahoo is to avoid the bias of people who are selling the animals and/or those against exotic animal ownership. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by oregano13
All exotic species are EXTREMELY high maintenance and/or unsocial and/or dangerous. Reptiles are often lower maintenance, but are not social or affectionate and will spend most of their time caged. Sorry, there is nothing that will meet your requirements.

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  1. Allanas says:

    If you can’t care for something like a guinea pig – you won’t do well with anything exotic.

    Please find something else to do with your time and money.

    Exotic animals are fragile, expensive, and labor intensive. Three things the average college students can’t handle. Even the responsible ones.

    Good answer Oregano 1!
    Good answer!

  2. Lilly says:

    Turtles are an awesome pet to have. My friend has two of them. They are easy to look after and they’re extremely cute.

  3. Tarantulapet says:

    Unfortunately “friendly” and “low maintenance” do not go together. Any animal that forms a strong social bond with its owner is going to require more frequent interaction with its owner than you can provide. If you were to switch “tolerant of handling” with “friendly” you might have some options to consider:

    Reptiles: The ideal reptiles for limited space, money, and time would be leopard geckos. They can be kept singly in cages as small as 10 gallons. They do not need the UVB fluorescent strip lights of most basking lizards, so a single reflector with heat bulb will do. They are fairly tidy and tend to poop in one corner, which makes for easy cleaning. Some will adjust to handling, others will never accept it.

    Invertebrates: Some tarantulas can be fairly tolerant of handling. Any new world tarantula of the genus Brachypelma will make a calm pet. Careful with handling; tarantulas are VERY fragile, even a fall of less than a foot will kill them.
    Emperor scorpions are another laid back animal that is disinclined to sting. They need high humidity and frequent feeding.
    Another easy invertebrate are Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. Very easy to care for, but check your local laws to make sure they are legal to own. Many cities ban them. You will also pretty much be assured of an eviction if you rest and your landlord finds out about them.

    Whatever you decide on, but a book on caring for the animal BEFORE you purchase any equipment or the animal itself.

  4. angelitally25 says:

    ferrets are funny.
    you should get one

  5. SnakeHissperer says:

    Degus are cute and very manageable. Not expensive to maintain and quiet!